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Hello again readers,
This month’s design is something a little more modern. This house features not one but 3 domes; a dome in the foyer, a dome in the living room and a special domed space on the second floor. I created this house out of a fascination with domed and spherical spaces. I was particularly inspired by Boullee’s Cenotaph to Newton project. Although his monument to Issac Newton was never built, Boullee’s design clarity and the project’s monumental scale was certainly inspiring. I attempted to recreate a smaller version of Boullee’s cenotaph within my 2nd floor domed space. Like Boullee’s design, my space is illuminated with a large lamp at night while I opted to install thousands of tiny led lights embedded into the underside of the dome to simulate the stars in the night sky present during the daylight hours.

Cross section of Boulle’s Cenotaph to Newton

An alternative construction method utilizes embedded fiber optic wires which are fed into a solar collector on the roof. This method comes closest to achieving Boulle’s simulated night sky during the daylight hours. A more low tech approach used by John Lautner on the Sheets Goldstein project utilized jelly glasses embedded within the concrete roof to create a dappled light pattern reflected on the ground below.

Photo of Sheets Goldstein home taken from The Architecture of John Lautner by Weintraub & Hess.

Below is a rendering of my Cenotaph to Newton.

Outside of these domed spaces the house has every creature comfort imaginable. There are 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths with a swimming pool, hot tub, home gym with sauna, an office with a concealed vault, a 1-car attached garage, and even an elevator. Elevations and plans are shown below.

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