Commercial Project – Pyramid Art Pavilion

*Updated with New Renderings & Floor Plans*


I am devoting July to the study of pavilions and their importance to the architecture profession. In the absence of large scale commissions, many architects have devoted their efforts into creating temporary exhibits that showcase their talents. These pavilions tend to be either part of a festival/conference or sponsored as an annual event such as the Serpentine Pavilion in England. I created a more permanent pavilion for the city of New York. This pyramid pavilion is integrated into the Highline park system and allows the wanderers to take in changing art exhibits sponsored by the larger museums in the city. The pavilion contains 8 mini art galleries representing different genres of art. The pavilion also features a roof top deck with coffee bar. Surrounding the pavilion is a plaza/park where passers by can stop and take in nature in the city. The plaza is anchored by a well known art piece that pays homage to the pyramidal design of my pavilion.

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Floor Plans

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