Residential Design – House of Crenelations


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As you see from the elevation this house has many jogs that form saw tooth like wings with courtyards formed between the teeth. Despite its jogs, the house is remarkably symmetrical with the central water feature forming the axis line for the house. This is a design that came about combing two ideas, crenelation and an eyebrow window within a polyhedron. The void space between these two shapes form an arching hallway which the main living spaces are distributed off of. The house features a first floor master suite, a 2-car garage, an eat-in kitchen with separate formal dining room, a small study and a large living room that opens out onto the patio with its own swimming pool. Upstairs are two bedrooms, a bath, a teen space, and gentleman’s room/man cave complete with tap room and billiards table. The house makes extensive use of stone veneer which clads the entry tower, foundation and retaining walls found on the property.

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