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With Halloween now in the rear view mirror I thought I would create a house based on a home featured in the cult Disney Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus was set in Salem, MA the fictional home of the Sanderson sisters and the film made use of many of Salem’s landmark buildings for its various location shoots. In terms of architectural interest, Allison’s house proved to be the most memorable. The movie used two houses for her home, the exterior shots of the house were filmed at 318 Essex St, Salem while the interior shots were filmed at an undisclosed house in the Salem area.

Exterior of Allison's House
Exterior of Allison’s House

Interior of Allison's house
Interior of Allison’s house

I designed my house based off of the limited shots of the entry hall & grand staircase used in the movie extrapolating layout and design based on historical precedent. The movie briefly panned over the 2 front rooms in the house which had the correct number of windows to match the exterior’s house, however the location of the fireplaces both on the end walls shown in the interior shots didn’t match what existed at the exterior house and was more consistent with a large brick Federal style home. The 2 flights of stairs shown in the hall also indicate a full 3 floor home rather than the smaller 2.5 story with dormers shown in the exterior shots. Many great examples of the Federal style exist in Salem (particularly around Salem Green) and I suspect that is where the film makers went to film the interior of Allison’s house.

Salem Green, Salem, Mass
Salem Green, Salem, Mass

My house replicates the entry hall, living & dining rooms featured in the film as well as incorporating the standard rooms found in today’s homes. This is a grand home by any standard. My house ended up having 3 full floors of living space with 7 bedrooms and 3.5 baths along with a separate 1 car garage. Photos and plans are below.

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