Residential Design – The New England Farmhouse

North elevation copy

Hello again readers,
Today’s post returns to the traditional and is an example of an updated New England Farmhouse based off of the design for the ‘New England Large’ originally appearing in the New England colonies in the early 18th century. The inclusion of the attached garage, and an above ground swimming pool are clues that this relic from the past belongs in this century rather then the last. This simple box contains 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bath and remains just as functional a design as it was for the colonists 200 years earlier. Today’s farmhouse includes a wood burning fireplace as well as a wood burning pellet stove utilizing the home’s central chimney. The house also has a finished basement and is equipped with solar hot water heating. Laundry can be located either in the basement or on the second floor. See the image gallery below for photos and plans.

Image Gallery

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