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North Elevation
North Elevation

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The trend in housing is to go smaller particularly for the younger generation who can’t afford to buy into the McMansion. Small scale micro apartments 500ft or less have started popping up in cities to meet the demand for affordable housing. I designed this 2 unit complex to meet such needs. The units are 20′ wide or less by 25′ long. Not very big, but what they lack in space they make up for in features. Each unit has a single bedroom and bathroom with a kitchen, eating, living spaces and a small office with laundry included as well. The larger ground floor unit has a 1-car attached garage. To make up for the lack of interior space, I created generous outdoor spaces with each apartment having one to two decks off the apartment. I also created a shared enclosed porch for outdoor events in the summer. Unit 1 is more horizontal while the 2nd floor unit is more vertical. Each vertical unit could have 2 horizontal units hanging off it on either side.

Another trend in micro housing is utilizing shipping containers to create housing.

3D Model of 20' Shipping Container
3D Model of 20′ Shipping Container

This design is adaptable to such a scheme as the unit width of 20′ matches the dimensions of a typical 20′ shipping crate. Unit 1 could be built by assembling four crates together (3 on bottom 1 on top) while the vertical unit could be built with 3 crates stood vertically in a row. Significant alterations to the skin of the crates would be needed to install windows as well as creating the internal walls and installing the mechanical systems but these plans could be made to work using shipping crates. I personally feel it would be cheaper to build with prefabricated SIPS panels then trying to radically alter the crates.

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