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Hello readers,
I thought I might offer some Revit tips and tricks that might come in handy if you use Revit on a regular basis. The first tip is How to restore your UI to the default settings. I had this issue recently when I accidentally moved the project browser into a different location and couldn’t get it back to its normal configuration.

Below is a screen capture of the Revit 2015 desktop. Notice that the Properties dialog box and project browser are pinned to their default location in the left hand side of the screen with the project open to the right.


If you mess up your desktop environment and can’t get your settings back, due the following:

1. Close Revit Program.
2. Launch Regedit
3. Explore to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2015\Workspace
4. Delete the Workspace folder and all of the registry keys and folders under it.
5. Close Regedit
6. Relaunch Revit and UI should be back to normal when you open a project.


How to Reset the Customizable Ribbon back to its default settings
1. Close Revit.
2. Press Windows Key + F to perform a file search (assuming Microsoft windows 7 or 8 computer)
3. enter Uistate.dat and press enter
4. The computer will locate the file in the following directory
C:\users\username (whatever your current user account is on your machine)\Appdata\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk 2015
5. Delete the Uistate.dat file (the file is upgraded everytime you close the Revit app so it should have a recent time and date stamp.
6. Restart Revit. The customizable ribbon will be back to its default settings above the main ribbon with the default buttons.

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