Archtitecture News – Cool Videos from the World of Architecture

Searching around the web I came across several videos that feature exciting and new technologies that will make Architecture even more dynamic and mesmerizing.

The first video is of a 3D printed room created by the designers at Digital Grotesque. Using a randomized computer algorithm, the computer program generated these highly detailed chunks of plaster containing millions of edges and corners. These large chunks of highly detailed plaster were created in a 3D printer and then stacked to create an enclosed space. The amount of detail is mind blowing really. There are over 260 million facets to this room.

Click the link to learn more about the Digital Grotesque Project.

Video #2 is a trailer for a new documentary on the powers of digital laser scanning technology and how it has been used to learn how ancient buildings were constructed such as the Pyramids of Giza or the rock cut temple at Petra, Jordan. I presume that this documentary will be featured on PBS some time in the near future.

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