Residential Design – The Morphosis House

North Elevation

Hello readers,

Welcome to 2014. I am starting off this year with something rather striking which I am entitling the Morphosis House. A better name might be a Fusion of Triangles, but I chose to name the house after Morphosis Architects and their innovative cube-shaped Perot Science Museum in Dallas, TX. The Perot Science Museum has a unique external stairwell which I thought was a cool idea that I incorporated into my triangle-based design. My triangle themed residence is a 3 bedroom/3.5 bath home with an attached semi-circular garage and an outdoor swimming pool. Also present is a large reflecting pool in the shape of a triangle to showcase the sculptural works on the property. The house is primary composed of poured concrete with 2 stone veneered fireplaces sharing a common chimney. The plan flows off of a central hallway connecting the office, dining room/kitchen, raised living room, indoor courtyard, and the ground floor master suite terminating outside at the pool. Photos of the design can be found in the gallery below. Additional material will be posted in the coming days. Stay tuned and check back for more.

Image Gallery

*New* Rendered Overview of Project

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