Residential Project – The Circle House


Hello again readers.
This modern design came out of thinking about a building as an instrument or a machine (similar to Le Corbusier’s description for his Villa Savoye, which he called a machine for living). I was inspired by the gears in a pocket watch and the shape of a cam. The basic shape of the house is a single circle with radiating wings for a screened porch and a 2-car garage. I sited the house near a meandering brook in a wooded locale. It seemed to fit in my mind. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with a deck off the living room and a open air 3rd floor roof deck partially concealed behind the radius of the circle. Also on the 3rd floor is a yoga room/exercise room. The house has fireplaces in both the yoga room and the formal dining room.

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  1. Hi
    I am an interior design student at The art institute of vancouver. I want to use this project for my analytical sketching class and was wondering if you could send me plans as they have to be sketched as well with more 3d images like the bathrooms and bedroom if have them.
    Copyright info will be mentioned.
    Thank you

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