Residential Project – Renaissance Revival

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November is a month of holidays and tradition so I thought that I would feature some examples of more traditional architecture this month starting with the featured architect for November, James Gamble Rodgers. Rodgers practiced primarily in sunny Florida, yet he is best known for his traditional Gothic buildings that dot many campuses and universities around the US, such as his buildings created for Yale and Conn College among others.

This post features a design for a Renaissance palazzo one may find in Rome or Florence, Italy. I included several complementary structures in my photos to create the feel of the palazzo in the middle of a Medieval city. The palace itself is a 3 story affair, with a retail shop and gated garage on the ground floor with a curving staircase up to the living quarters on the Piano Noble. There are 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with 2 lavs, 3 fireplaces, a music room, a breakfast room, a library, a grand salon, and several balconies and a large outdoor patio all that look over the town square.

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