Architecture News – The Hyperloop Scheme

Initial details of the ultra-high speed transport project called ‘the Hyperloop’ were released yesterday (8/12/13) by businessman Elon Musk. Below are the initial sketches with an explanatory video describing the technology. I do wonder what architectural firm Musk partnered with to create the initial concepts sketches. The initial drawings bear the unmistakable hallmarks of an architect’s hand, from the bubble people to the shading techniques and the use of Prismacolor markers.

The Hyperloop transport system mimics the principles of vacuum tube technology using low pressure, fans and magnetic levitation that work in consort to propel a capsule through the tube system. The system is capable of reaching speeds in the 700 mph range, many times faster than the fastest high speed rail system available today. If the scheme ever gets beyond the concept phase, the first built Hyperloop would link Los Angeles to San Fransisco reducing travel time to 30 minutes compared to the roughly 90 minute plus aircraft transit times available today.




This SCIShow Episode explores the Science behind the Hyperloop.

Stay tuned readers for future stories on this exciting technology.

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