Residential Design – Tea Pot House

teapot house copy

Hello readers,

I titled this work the tea pot house as the elevation bears some resemblance to a tea pot. Walls and doors move in unexpected ways in this design. The garage door opens vertically affixed to the red track that obscures the ground floor staircase. Above the garage door another sliding panel affixed to the roof acts as a shutter system, shielding the media room from harsh solar glare while offering the living spaces additional privacy if desired. The ground floor is surrounded by walled gardens and contains a study with its own bathroom as well as a 2 car garage. The second floor contains the main living spaces including a living room, media room, lav, kitchen, and dining area along with an enclosed terrace. The third floor contains a single bedroom and bath that opens onto a terrace with pergola. At the top of the house, is the sun deck with its own wind sail for secluded sun bathing.

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