Residential Project – Art Moderne Manor

rear elevation view

I thought that I would explore a style that I didn’t really like, what is known as Art Moderne or depression era modernism. This particular style had a very short lifespan (1932-37) and was not widely adopted. The style is associated with the art deco movement and the machine age and its inventions like the airplane, automobile, etc. Of the buildings that were done in this style, hotels were the most common completed projects. Examples of art moderne hotels can be found along Miami beach. I located my art moderne house in the mountains and I found that it had a Shining quality to it. Driving up through the hills and finally arriving at this slightly unsettling house with its white exterior, streamlined corners,glass block, and horizontal windows evoked the feel of an abandoned hospital or mental institution. One could imagine that this was a destination home in its heyday (in the 1930s) but has been left abandoned for years, with its windows rusting and stucco cracking. The house has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms with a garage in the basement. Other amenities include a game room and library. The house uses ramps and a circular stair to traverse the levels. Art Deco style furniture was used to recreate the feel of the period. Oddly enough I ended up liking the style more after creating this house then when I started.

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