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Wining Design

Hello again readers,
It has been almost a month since my last post, due in part to the lack of anything noteworthy to post about the industry in general. The architecture profession remains mired in recession still reeling from the residential housing collapse combined with the fact that the top 1% (the primary client base for architecture services) has been hording all of their funds keeping future projects unrealized. This deadly combination of factors has all but killed the industry. The prospect of further economic trouble in Europe will likely result in more job losses and further consolidation to an already crippled profession. On a personal note, I have been busy with other work so I have not had time to design anything new of late, however I will be posting again shortly.

Recently the wining design for the National Mall was announced. The project called for proposals to redesign Constitution Gardens shown below as it exists today.

Constitution Gardens Today

Many radical designs were submitted by many big name firms, but the committee opted to select the most restrained and conservative option. The winning design submitted by Roger Marvel Architects & PWP Landscape Architecture features a restaurant pavilion with a skating pond integrated into the existing lake. I feel the committee made a good choice. Some of the other options were a bit too wonky and cutting edge for the sedate and traditional monument lined streets of DC. Below are renderings of the wining design. For further info see the following article.

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