Residential Project – Rocky Mountain High

This week I present a house set in Colorado. The house is clad in a rusting steel that matches the rust colored plains that lead into the Rocky Mountains while the front windows are covered with a series of punched holed steel panels that diffuse the light into the house and provide privacy. The views are what this house is all about. The master bedroom looks out over the mountain range while one of the smaller bedrooms offers views from an expansive deck. A tread only stair leads up to the roof deck for the greatest view of all. The house has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, along with a swimming pool with outdoor shower and an enclosed carport. The house also has a separate study and home gym. If that wasn’t enough, the house uses ramps to facilitate circulation through the different levels on the ground floor so it would work for someone who has difficulty with stairs.

Image Gallery with Plans

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