Residential Project – Where the Desert Meets the Sea

Hello viewers,

Welcome to my new blog. For my inaugural post I present this design. I was inspired by a project I saw recently featured on ArchDaily’s site for a housing development in Peru. The locale, vista and scenery were really breathtaking. The site was profiled in the video shown below. The four house complex called W Houses located in CaƱete, Peru was designed by Barclay & Crousse architects.

The setting more than the housing was what I found inspiring. So I created my own design to be placed along side the Peru project. My greatest difficulty with this design was trying to figure out the materiality for the building. I tried many different materials ultimately choosing a stucco and sandstone combination that matched the red earthy desert. The photo below is one of my material test cases.

The house itself is a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath house with a swimming pool, decks, and a 2-car carport. Given the arid location, no grass was planted on the site and arid plantings were chosen that were drought tolerant. The house wraps around to form a courtyard which opens onto the swimming pool with views of the ocean in the distance.

Below are photos of the inside with the plans