Commercial Work – Mixed Use Urban Development


This building designed for an urban locale is both an art gallery and a residence. The gallery and outdoor garden occupies the ground floor with a 4 bedroom apartment occupying the upper 2 floors. A single car garage was also fit into the program to accommodate the apartment owner’s need for a vehicle for weekend getaways. The art gallery showcases the work of graffiti artists, which is normally considered a nuisance and eyesore in the urban environment. I designed an alternate version of the building which I ultimately rejected as the floor plan and circulation patterns didn’t function as ideally as the featured project. The rejected plan is shown below in the photo gallery.

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Commercial Work – Badger Creek International Airport

Following on the heels of the previous airport design, this larger terminal can more readily accommodate international flights and passengers. The building’s design morphed into the shape of a badger/skunk/ant eater through various iterations to the anchoring piers from the previous design. Travelers arrive underneath the head of the badger covered by a protective canopy that extends the length of the terminal. Once inside, the airport offers a restaurant, a food court, a duty free gift shop, a frequent flyer lounge with bathroom and massage facilities, and internet access. The airport has 6 active gates with twin 9000ft runways capable of accommodating a 747 or A380 aircraft. A separate general aviation facility was also designed on the premises. Onsite parking is available with shuttle bus access to the terminals.

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Commercial Project – Regional Airport Complex

Hello readers,
I have been working on 2 airport projects this month that I thought I would share with you. The complex consists of a commercial jet terminal with 6 gates, one capable of a 747, an air traffic control tower, two 9000 ft runways, a separate general aviation terminal for private aircraft with hanger storage space, along with a long term airport parking facility located nearby.

The main terminal features an in-house restaurant overlooking an orchard with a sculpture by Jonathan Brofsky at its center. The work titled ‘Hammering Man’ makes for an interesting conversation point for the diners and new arrivals. The terminal also features a bar, concessions, and an airport lounge for weary frequent flyers who can relax and take showers in the the deluxe facilities. For those studying design and Architecture, I can attest that airports are some of the most complex facilities to design for. The passenger workflow diagrams are daunting, particularly when you attempt to integrate airport security and customs into the mix. The main idea behind the design was to express world travel, with a globe-like sphere at the center of the terminal mimicking Earth. Around Earth were several suspended old time biplanes traversing the globe. Others might see influences of Star Wars in the design, specifically R2.

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40B Development Project – Community Development & Affordable Housing

This week I created what is called a 40B development project, which is a housing scheme that combines affordable and market rate housing together in one property. Cities and towns will often give preference to these types of projects as they are perceived as helping the less affluent into housing in an area that is normally out of their reach. My project consists of a two-unit complex with a shared parking garage. The affordable unit is a 1-bedroom/1-bath single floor apartment. This unit works well for the elderly/disabled as there are no stairs to climb and could be made handicapped accessible with few modifications. The affordable 1 bedroom features a unique oval-shaped courtyard that brings nature indoors while making the space appear larger and more open from all angles. The apartment has a fenced in yard and an extensive porch for enjoying the outdoors.

The deluxe market rate apartment is a 2 bedroom/2.5 bath luxury penthouse. Features include garage space, a lap pool, private deck off the master bedroom, massive dressing room and master bath, eat-in kitchen with separate dining room, a 2 story living room with a mid-century Gyro-focus fireplace and floor to ceiling views of city, and a separate media room/study. This apartment spans two floors and can be designed with or without an elevator.

In addition to creating affordable housing, my development project also created a small community center to serve the local community. The center offers exercise equipment, a climbing wall, pool tables, a juice/coffee bar, and free wi-fi access to its patrons. There is also a basement function space for events.

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