Architecture News – Video Library Upgrade

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Today I have a little housekeeping issue to report. The Flash multi-media plug and all of the malware associated with it has become too huge a vulnerability to ignore any longer and Microsoft’s delayed release of the current Flash plug-in built-in to their browsers (IE & Edge) convinced me to migrate all of my video files embedded in earlier posts to the new HTML5 standard. All videos that were created in the Flash format have now been converted to HTML5 so all browsers should be able to access the media files without prompts to download Flash or having to worry about virus or malware attack associated with the Flash plugin. I predict that Flash will likely be dead by the end of 2017, so now seemed like a good time to move to the new standard while file conversion tools were still available. Hope you find this useful and you can feel safer browsing knowing that A Point In Design in now HTML5 video compliant and no longer a Flash supported site.

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PS If you happen to need the latest Flash plug-in release for IE/Edge browsers (released today by Microsoft) you can find them here or the update can be downloaded & installed via Windows Update (if it feels like working).

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