Residential Design – The Concrete Mountain Bunker


Continuing our exploration of Swiss architecture, I thought that I would design something that is more prevalent today, the Swiss concrete house. The Swiss love concrete as a design medium and they tend to create these concrete structures carved into the hillsides that overlook the mountains. While this style of architecture can be often cold and uninviting, it is in a sense practical as concrete holds up well to the heavy snow loads and possible avalanches that may occur in the Swiss alps. So here is a Swiss bunker made of concrete for you to ponder. The house spans 3 floors and has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2 lavs along with a 2-car garage. The ground floor houses the garage, foyer with a lav and the stairwell and elevator to the upper floors. Floor 2 contains the 2 children’s bedrooms, a bath and the laundry room. The third floor contains the master suite, and all of the living spaces. The roof of this house also can function as a solarium. A stairwell ascends to the roof and is shielded by a wind sail. The wind sail blocks heavy gusts to make for a less treacherous climb as you ascend the roof stairs as well as blocking spray from the waterfall that the house is sited next to. Below are photos from the house and its plans.

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