Residential Design – Hampstead Falls Power House

East Elevation facing the falls
East Elevation facing the falls

Hello again readers. To close out August I created a house/power station sited over a waterfall to harness the hydro-power potential of nature. The river is diverted through 2 waterwheels to generate electricity for the house as well as the surrounding community. The house is set into the rocky cliffs and is supported by 2 concrete piers anchoring the center section. Amenities include 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 2 lavs along with a private office and home theater. Parking and the main entrance are at roof level and you descend down into the house as you make your way closer to the falls. To optimize the views, the house was made very glassy and feels very airy even though it is relatively narrow. Photos and plans can be found below.

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