Residential Project – The Simple Shapes House


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This house on a corner lot was derived from 3 simple shapes, a circle, triangle, and a square. Although the facade is not exactly simple, the shapes used to create it could not be more basic. There is a lot going on here (the house has shed, eyebrow and gabled dormers creating a complex roof system), but the overall composition is quite pleasing and in a vaguely European style. This three bedroom, 3.5 bath house with a 2-car garage has lots of space to kick around in. Ceiling heights are varied throughout the house creating a sense of spaciousness and intimacy. From the front door you are greeted by a semi-circular foyer, progressing through a triangular ante-room, finally terminating with a level change, descending into a sunken living room with a vaulted ceiling. One of the bedrooms with a large circular window overlooks this lofty living room and that window can be opened or shuttered to give privacy or extra light to the bedroom as needed. There is an eat-in kitchen with a 9′ walk out bay window that you can lounge on while watching the chef cook or just use it for a nap. A separate study was also created with its own fireplace and its own bay window. The kitchen, living room and study all open onto the semi-circular patio which faces south to take advantage of the summer sun.

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