Residential Design – Hexagon House


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This house originated as a sketch consisting of a mass of triangles pieced together to form a modern sculpture. After I drew my sketch, I drew out a possible floor plan that would conform to the contours of the building that I had sketched earlier. The second floor ended up in the shape of a hexagon. I then went about creating a digital model to see if the whole building would actually stand. In working out the kinks, the hexagon shaped floor plan evolved and was deconstructed. The front and rear pieces of the polygon were removed, forming an open deck on the rear and lancet dormers on the front of the house. The end result is quite pleasing to my eye if a bit busy. This hexagon house has a total of 12 roofs that bisect and support each other enclosing a house with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths with an attached 2-car garage. I designed a fairly elaborate landscape plan as well consisting of formal gardens, a tennis court with spectators’ gallery, and a half moon shaped pool.

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