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Happy day after Thanksgiving day readers,

Here is a house with a radial form. This house has elements that evoke both Wright and Mies while using a form that Marcel Breuer made famous with his UNESCO headquarters (1958) in Paris.

Breuer UNESCO Bldg
Breuer UNESCO Bldg
The house radiates around an octagonal porch and turret combination with two of the radial arms embracing a swimming pool and pool house. The pool house is a very Miesian creation, a glass-enclosed steel supported jewel-box containing a bathroom, kitchenette and changing areas delineated by zig-zaging planes. The main house has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with a 2 car garage, yoga room, and a 3-season porch. There are fireplaces in both the living and dining rooms. A fair amount of attention was devoted to the landscape as well creating upper and lower patios that extend off of the pool deck. Excess pool water runs off the edge of an infinity edge creating a waterfall along with a drainage channel that flows away from the pool into a small collection pond outside the property walls.

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