Commercial Project – Shepherd Unitarian Church

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Hello readers,
This is my first attempt at ecclesiastical architecture (something new and different for me) and the results of my efforts are this church complex for a fictional congregation. The complex has a bell tower, chapel, function and religious education spaces, a food pantry for the needy, as well as an area for baptisms utilizing the on-site pond. In addition to the rooms already mentioned, the church also has a confessional space and choir rehearsal spaces as well as a private study for the local minister. The building is completely handicapped accessible with both an elevator and handicapped ramps. Parking is in the rear behind a row of trees and a stone wall. I named the church the Shepherd church as the Sunday school wing of the complex is shaped like a dog’s head (shepherd) symbolically pointing the way to enlightenment. The church pews echo that shape and reflect the massing and tectonics of the church.

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