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Today I am featuring something from the classical traditions of Architecture. Oddly enough this classical villa is derived almost entirely from my previous design for the modern central chimney house. Although the two houses look nothing alike, the location of the rooms, the number of out-buildings, the architectural features present, and the general layout make them nearly identical. I just straightened a few walls from the previous design and found that the resulting plan was eerily symmetrical (the kind of symmetry you might expect to find in Renaissance architecture. That discovery lead me to revisit the work of the early masters such as Palladio. The end result is a house that incorporates elements from Palladio’s Villa Foscari (Malcontenta) and George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

If money were no object, this would definitely be my dream house. The house has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths with a separate detached office with its own lav. An opulent swimming pool with its own pool house done in the style of a Greek Temple are among the other out-buildings on the property. The landscape plan is consistent with formal Renaissance garden design as well. Having just finished Charles Moore’s ‘The Place of Houses’, I was also interested in incorporating Moore’s interest in level changes into the design as well. The main living space is divided into 3 levels. The uppermost level (like a stage) houses an inglenook while the lower level (at grade) represents space for the dining area/game room opening onto a shaded patio. The middle level houses the living room which looks out over the two spaces.

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