Residential Design – Open Drawer House

West Elevation

I titled this house the open drawer house as the profile of the second floor resembles an opened drawer. This minimalist design features 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths with a 2 car garage, a swimming pool and a solarium. Other unusual features include gardens flanking the dining room/entry and a hidden secret garden showcased by a circular window in the living room. The garden spaces explore the possibilities available with an enclosed courtyard.

Conceptual design
My initial parti for this design was just a square delineated by 2 undulating walls that divide the square into 3rds. I initially wanted the undulating walls to mirror each other, but as the design developed that goal was cast aside. The left 3rd would house the garage/shop/office spaces with the center 3rd containing the public rooms in the house and the final 3rd devoted to the enclosed courtyard. The drawer house borrows many ideas developed in the Ulrich Lange House by Mies such as the enclosed courtyard and punctured wall as well as exploring how Baroque details (curving walls) can be integrated into a modern design.

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