Residential Design – Four Corners House


This week’s design explores alternative methods for supporting structure outside of the typical method of supporting a house at the outside walls. You will notice looking at the plans and elevations that windows/openings are at all 4 corners of the street elevation hence the name of the house. The presence of these large panes of glass at the corners make supporting the house in the typical manner near impossible. Therefore 5 internal load bearing walls that generate the ground floor plan were used to carry the weight of the upper level instead. This technique generated a dynamic floor plan on the main level while providing the opportunity to create light wells through the house to illuminate interior spaces that lacked windows at the 4 corners of the building. The final product is a 3 bedroom 3.5 bath home with an attached 2 car garage. The house is also designed around an in-ground pool in the back yard. Additional rooms include a media room/home theater and an upstairs rec room.

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