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This post is kind of a lark project. I initially planned on designing a government intelligence building (i.e. Fusion Center) that also had secret rooms as part of its program, and I imagined that those spaces might be used by secret societies. With some research on the topic of secret societies, I decided to abandon the government use of the building altogether and make the sole client the secret society, a headquarters project as it were. I chose the Illuminati as my client, as they are the most well known secret society (at least in the 15-16th century). Using their symbols as a starting point, the end result is a 4 floor complex, that ultimately has a public restaurant on the ground floor while segregating the society’s private spaces from the public eye. In keeping with the secrecy surrounding the client I can’t reveal the plans. My building dovetailed perfectly with another project in Poland designed by Perspektywa creating a town green space where the retail/housing component could be serviced by the restaurant in my building. The two projects also formed a town green/commons space that could be used by both parties.

Overview Shot from a distance
Overview Shot from a distance

The roofline of my building from a distance may appear like a house was dropped on top off another house. This iconic image from cinema must have bubbled up to inspire. 51aa5bc6You may also see an iconic symbol from ancient Egypt in the roofline as well which speaks to the mythology surrounding the secret society.

Kwidzyn old town housing proposal by Perspektywa
Kwidzyn old town housing proposal by Perspektywa

So without further adieu here are some photos and a brief movie of the project.

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Below is a quick movie that pans around the featured design.
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