Residential Project – Subterranean House

East Elevation
East Elevation

Its 2013 and I am starting off the year with a design that is a little unorthodox. It is both above and below ground yet I chose to title it the subterranean house. The house is cut into a hillside and uses the ground’s internal heat along with passive solar heating to heat the structure. The main living space and library are supplemented with fireplaces to provide additional warmth. In addition to the main house, there is a separate artist’s studio placed at the summit of the hillside that looks out over the hills. The main house is divided into 4 different levels. The main living spaces and a guest bedroom are on the ground floor with an office floor, an hilltop lobby floor, and a master bedroom floor located above ground at the very top of the house. A two car garage was also buried into the hillside providing shelter for the vehicles.

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