Commercial Project – Regional Airport Complex

Hello readers,
I have been working on 2 airport projects this month that I thought I would share with you. The complex consists of a commercial jet terminal with 6 gates, one capable of a 747, an air traffic control tower, two 9000 ft runways, a separate general aviation terminal for private aircraft with hanger storage space, along with a long term airport parking facility located nearby.

The main terminal features an in-house restaurant overlooking an orchard with a sculpture by Jonathan Brofsky at its center. The work titled ‘Hammering Man’ makes for an interesting conversation point for the diners and new arrivals. The terminal also features a bar, concessions, and an airport lounge for weary frequent flyers who can relax and take showers in the the deluxe facilities. For those studying design and Architecture, I can attest that airports are some of the most complex facilities to design for. The passenger workflow diagrams are daunting, particularly when you attempt to integrate airport security and customs into the mix. The main idea behind the design was to express world travel, with a globe-like sphere at the center of the terminal mimicking Earth. Around Earth were several suspended old time biplanes traversing the globe. Others might see influences of Star Wars in the design, specifically R2.

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